What We Do…

We exist as a community to worship God, and to live, proclaim and spread His word. Our purpose is that everyone may have the opportunity to realise that God loves us and that, in Jesus Christ, he calls us to a new and eternal life.

One way in which our purpose is transformed into action is through our many groups whose aims are to prepare and encourage members to help and support one another and the wider community in their varying material and spiritual needs and to work towards establishing God’s Kingdom of peace and justice in our world.

Have you often felt a desire to contribute to the community in accordance with your talents, but were unsure as how to go about this? Why not become involved in one of the many groups in the parish. Together, their scope truly covers everything from cradle to grave and beyond!

Find out more about any one of them by selecting a heading from the list below and scrolling to the group of interest. Then get in touch with the contact person listed, or, where meeting details are provided, simply turn up and learn more about the group before committing yourself – you will be warmly welcome.