Bargain Stall

The Bargain Stall is open some Sundays in the Parish Centre after the 9:30am and 11:00am Masses. There is a wide variety of reasonably priced goods on sale. We are always pleased to accept items which can be sold. There is a wide range of items and surprising bargains can be found! Proceeds go towards special projects in the Parish and in the wider community.

Please bring your items for the Bargain Stall to the Parish Centre / Prestbytery.

Meeting Your Friends in the Parish Centre

In the Parish Centre after the 9.30 am and 11.00 am Masses, tea and coffee are served in the Parish Centre, to which everyone is welcome, It helps to continue what we have celebrated in our Masses, a spirit of friendship and community.

Parish Library

The Mabel North Library Named after Mabel North, one of the outstanding catechists in our parish, and also nationally through the work of ‘Our Lady’s Catechists’. Mabel bequeathed her library to the parish – books, videos, tapes and audio tapes, all of which get added to from time to time. The Library is located in the Church cloister and is open for borrowing on Sundays after each Mass, and also on enquiry at the Presbytery.

Click here for the Parish Library and click here for the Book of the Month.

Piety Stall

The Piety Stall, located in the Church porch, is open after all the weekend Masses. There is a wide variety of religious items such as crucifixes, rosaries statues, Baptismal gifts etc .On sale also are Mass cards, and cards for all occasions, especially Christmas. Easter, Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation.

The Catholic Truth Society (CTS)

The rack which contains the pamphlets published by the CTS is found in the front porch of the Church and contains pamphlets which cover a wide range of Catholic issues and doctrines. There is a well rounded view of the Catholic Faith, with prayers, sacraments, biographies, liturgy, scripture and children’s prayers and booklets. A catalogue of all CTS publications can be found in the rack and can be ordered. For further information contact