SVP win a Big Society Award

SVP given top award by Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has recognised the SVP with a “Big Society Award”.

Mr Cameron said, “The St Vincent de Paul Society turns concern into action. The Society’s incredible number of volunteers build on a 200 year history of lending a practical hand to support those in need. I’m delighted to recognise all 10,000 St Vincent de Paul volunteers, and the staff who support them to do their vital work, with this Big Society Award.”

The Award is recognition for all SVP members and volunteers who work tirelessly in their local communities for those in need. The concept of the ‘big society’ is nothing new to the SVP; they have been doing it for nearly 200 years, and will continue to do so without regard to what Government is in power, but are grateful for this formal recognition.

One of the most frequent complaints the SVP hear, from members and from the wider Church community, is that no one has ever heard of them! This award is therefore a great opportunity to inform people of all the fantastic work being done in the community by members, volunteers and staff of the Society, without any suggestion that they are boasting about themselves as individuals.

The Award should raise the profile of the SVP, but there is no cash prize! The award will only be considered successful if it attracts more members, more funding or helps the Society to be taken more seriously when it speaks on behalf of those living in poverty. It should allow SVP members to be more effective in their vocation to preach the Good News, using St Francis of Assisi’s phrase, “if necessary using words”.

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