Live Streaming – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to view the St Alban’s live stream?

You will need the following:

  • A minimum of 1MB broadband line
  • A PC or similar device that supports flash player
  • The latest version of flash player

You can view the live stream on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but there is limited playback on some android devices through flash.

I have Sky TV / Virgin Media – can I watch the St Alban’s live stream on them?

Unfortunately, no; you will need to purchase a special set-top box that allows you to watch the live broadcasts on your TV. For more information on how to obtain one of the Set Top Boxes, please contact Fr. Peter or the parish webmasters.

How much does it cost to view?


The stream keeps saying ‘buffering’ – what does this mean?

This usually means there is no stream coming from the Church. Live streaming is run at the discretion of the church. In most cases streams are monitored 24/7 by so in the event of a system crash, the stream will be restarted, If the
stream is offline will work on getting back the live stream as quickly as possible. All you have to do is pop back later and retry.

The stream is constantly starting and stopping – what do I do?

Check your broadband line speed by visiting Click on begin and wait for the test to run. Your download speed needs to be greater than 0.35Mbps.

Can I view the live stream on my iPhone or iPad?


I am on an Android phone and I can’t view the live stream through flash – why?

There is limited support for live streaming to android phones through flash player – are currently working on support for all android phones.

I’m using Internet Explorer 6 and the site doesn’t work properly – what do I do?

IE6 is no longer supported on so please upgrade to the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (depending on your operating system requirements).

How do I find out more about live streaming TV?
You can speak to Fr. Peter. Alternatively, contact the parish webmasters by emailing or leave a message in the website pigeonhole at the back of church