Justice and Peace Group

Justice and Peace Group

based at St Alban’s

All our activities and events are open to all

You will be welcome
whether you a member of
St Alban’s Church, another Church or none

Bernadette Bailey
J&P co-ordinator

The Group

In the Covid pandemic restrictions we no longer meet in person. We have continued activities promoting prayer, reflection and action within the concerns of Catholic Social Teaching, in other words the Gospel in the light of the modern world, its challenges and its opportunities to encourage human flourishing.

Three elements characterise our activities.

The LiveSimply Parish Award: In cooperation with the St Alban’s Parish Council we are working to help the Parish to focus our collective efforts to “live simply so that others may simply live.

Zoom Talks We offer a briefing most months on a theme of local,, national or international justice.

Parish Events Throughout the Church year we try to arrange events marking important landmarks which help us all focus on issues or justice

>>> For details of upcoming talks and events scroll to last part of this page.

We welcome contributions from anyone and everyone. We have some regulars who keep in touch and may join in planning meetings But we open our doors to everyone and are delighted to have contacts with other churches, groups and individuals..

Our Scope

The term justice and peace covers a very wide field. We have a number of focus areas: poverty, development and peace. After a study of Laudato Si’ in 2015 we have worked on issues of the environment, including climate change.

National Agencies and Partners

We seek to support the work of national agencies where possible ensuring that their message is heard and acted upon – in our parish and outside. For details of some please see this document.


Justice and Peace through the Year

These are some of the events we support through the year: https://stalbanmacc.org.uk/crp-year-calendar/

Recent News

Zoom talks have taken place from October 2020. The most recent talk was on the Laudato Si Centre at Wardley Hall Salford Diocese. Further info CLICK https://www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/diocese/environment/laudatosicentre/

Forthcoming Events

Season of Creation

World Day of Prayer for Creation On Wednesday 1st September the Season of Creation opens with the World Day of Prayer and concludes with the Feast of St Francis of Assisi (Tuesday 4th October)

During the Season we are invited to reflect on our role in God’s creation and to a number of events and actions. A Calendar helps us focus our reflections each day and on some days invites us to join with others in certain events. See our Season of Creation calendar

Previous Zoom Talks

A Catholic Chaplain in Strangeways – A Talk by Joanne Hornby (Prison Chaplain)