July 2021: Centering prayer

Located in the Parish Library: Spirituality 298

Centering prayer by M. Basil Pennington O.C.S.O.

Prayer and meditation in modern Western Christianity are rooted in the Eastern tradition of early Church prayer as well as the wisdom of early Church fathers. In Centering Prayer, M. Basil Pennington, returns to these roots: Christ himself and then the Desert Fathers of Egypt. Brought to Europe by John Cassian (5th Cent.), endorsed by Benedict of Norcia, this practice of meditation was widespread in Europe through the Middle Ages.

It is a book that combines the best of Eastern Christian spiritual exercises with a spirituality for the world of today, offering contemporary Christians a new approach to ancient prayer forms.

If you would like to borrow a copy of this title please get in touch with silviagiampietro@hotmail.com