September 2019: Treasured & transformed + The heavenly habit

Located in the Parish Library:

Treasured & transformed & The heavenly habit by Fr. Daniel O’Leary

Two inspiring little books by the same author about what happens when we live our lives in God’s presence.

In the first book we reflect on real-life situations and we learn how to recognise God in them. With imagination we can find God just by noticing things. Our lives will be transformed, set free to live more joyfully and abundantly. God lives in our present. “The almond tree was asked: Speak to
us of God. And the almond tree blossomed”.

In the second book we see how it is possible to look at anything in a mindful, positive and patient way. It is the heavenly habit of glimpsing the gold in the shadows. There are 26 short “habits” to reflect upon, that will help us to transform and heal our thoughts and emotions.