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Social Action

There are plenty of groups to help with social needs ...


BEREAVEMENT GROUP A Group of parishioners meet regularly to ensure that all who have been bereaved are contacted, and assured of the prayers and support of the parish. They also arrange a special Mass at 12noon on the last Saturday of the month for all those mourning the death of a loved one, and an annual Mass in November for all who have died during the year.

For further information about the Group, contact Marie Senior, 420 916

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The Commission is a group of representatives from each Deanery in the Diocese who seek to promote family life, by encouraging special liturgies, supporting family life by promoting special courses and evenings for married couples etc. They also provide help for difficulties in family life such as separation, divorce and domestic violence etc.

Contact Mark & Liz Dutton, 428 498

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The team, consisting of lay men and women from the Deanery parishes, assists the priests of St Alban’s in their Hospital Ministry. Each team member has responsibility for specific wards, visiting on a regular basis, talking and listening to patients and taking Holy Communion to those who wish to receive.

For further information, contact Marie Senior, Tel 420 916

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  We try to address the meaning of justice in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching. We try to raise awareness our own and others’, of the instances of injustice and need and to discover ways in which everyone can respond in the hope of building a better world. Everyone is welcome to any of the monthly evening meetings, which take place in the Parish Centre on the third Wednesday except in August and December.

For further information, please see the Justice and Peace Group page.

Contact Bernadette Bailey,

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This is a Deanery Group who work with engaged couples to prepare them for marriage.

For further information about the work of the group, or preparation for marriage then contact Monika and Gyorgy Zorenyi, 615 763

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This is a world-wide Catholic movement of couples, priests and religious who organise weekends to enrich married life and religious vocations through deeper and more open communication, and with a richer awareness of God’s presence in relationships.

For more information, contact Mark and Liz Dutton, 428 498

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We are a lay organisation working closely with and within the church. Our core work is to visit and befriend the elderly, the housebound, the sick, the lonely, the carers and families in need by providing practical and moral support through one to one contact.

Click here for the St Alban's SVP pages.

Click here for the St Alban's SVP FAQs.

For further information, contact Margaret Barnett, 07781 895 540

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The Catholic Children's Society (Shrewsbury Diocese) empower children and families to experience a fullness of life. Many parishoners have a home collection box to raise funds for the work of the Society. These are emptied twice yearly.

Click here for the Catholic Children's Society (Shrewsbury Diocese) website.

If you would like a collection box or further information, contact Anne Collier, 431 380

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MISSIO (Formerly APF/Mill Hill)
Missio prepares and supports priests for their mission work in more than 27 countries. Many parishoners support Missio by having one of their red collecting boxes at home. These are emptied annually in October.

Click here for the Missio website.

If you would like a red box or would like to volunteer to empty the boxes, please contact Marie Senior, 420 916

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