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The Parish is a member of the Shrewsbury Diocese Scheme for Planned Giving and Gift Aid.

What is Planned Giving?

Our friends in the Anglican Church use the phrase “Christian Stewardship” which perhaps best explains what is meant. Each lay person, as a member of the Body of Christ, has an active role to play in the work of the Local Church and the Church Universal. Our financial contribution to this work is therefore important, however small that contribution may be. Seen in that way, Weekly Offertory Envelopes and Monthly Banker’s Orders become valuable tools, serving as reminders of the need to give both regularly and realistically.

It has been shown over the years, in all types of parishes, that an active Planned Giving Scheme results in a higher level of giving and a much more regular offertory income, enabling the Parish to better plan and budget for the future.

What is Gift Aid?

The Gift Aid Scheme is a very simple method of helping the Parish to reclaim from the Government the Income Tax already paid on the donations it receives. So, providing you are a UK tax payer the Parish/Diocese is able to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your contributions, with no further liability to yourself.

All donations eligible for Gift Aid must, however, be recorded by the Parish and so are generally given in one of three ways - Weekly Offertory Envelopes, Monthly Banker’s Order or by cheque. ‘One-off’ donations and Special Collections can also be covered by the scheme.

Gift Aid Declaration Forms are available at the back of the Church or from myself, contact details below.

To join, or for further information on Planned Giving/Gift Aid, contact:

Peter Watterson
01625 428 141


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