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The Catholic Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania, a religious body, is one of the main education providers in Kilimanjaro Region (where Fr Wilibald is from). It has for a long time since 1935 Co-operated with the government in managing and owning schools – Nursery, Primary, Secondary Schools, High Schools and Vocational Training Centres and 3 Colleges.

Since the early 1990’s the Diocese has promoted and improved Secondary and College education for all children and in particular girls of all denominations without discrimination. All these efforts aim at providing quality education for true human development.

In its strategic plan, the Diocese of Moshi has observed a great need of providing education to disabled children at Secondary and Vocational training levels. In fact this educational provision for this group after Primary School level, is too little in the region. The needs are many, and the children feel neglected by both the government and the community.

The proposed St. Pamachius Inclusive Secondary School is a new project in Hai District, in Kilimanjaro Region Tanzania. The Project is expected to be situated in Rundugai Mission, about 48 km south west of Moshi Town. Its purpose is to provide secondary educational needs to the disabled.

St Alban’s Lenten Alms have supported this project in 2012.


The overall St Pamachius project objective is: Secondary education for the disabled children in Kilimanjaro region.

The proposed Inclusive Secondary School aspires the following:

 Give hope for better life to disabled children through Secondary school education.

 Reduce illiteracy among disabled children: The school will provide good education based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Tanzania. Majority of the disabled children in our country do not have access to good education. Some do not go to school at all!

 Increase the number of disabled children who attend and pass well Secondary education and join colleges and Universities in different fields for specialization. This is an attempt to achieve the millennium goal in education.

 Bridging good relationships between the regular and disabled people. Up to now these relationships have been characterized to some extent by lack of concern to the disabled, disrespect, segregation, discrimination, lack of proper/true understanding and neglect. Studying together will bring about awareness of interdependence, mutual respect, assistance and care.

 Reducing the number of disabled children who become street children or live in hard/vulnerable conditions.

 Education will develop their talents and actualize their potentials thus enabling them to work for themselves and serve the community around. Here is the motto: ‘’EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT”.

 Improve health/life standard/life expectancy. At St. Pamachius the pupils will be taught how to take care of their health taking into consideration their physical disabilities. They will know themselves better and conduct their lives in a responsible manner, thus living healthily.

 Reduce HIV/AIDS cases. Some disabled have often been vulnerable to AIDS pandemic. Lack of proper knowledge about the disease, poverty and other social pressures have led them to unsafe sexual relationships thus leading to infection, early or unplanned pregnancies, and deaths.

 Take part in the fight against superstitious beliefs which have led to amputations and killings of disabled children. This school aims at educating children to know that disabled people are normal human beings; thus making them good ambassadors in the fight against this shameful dehumanizing phenomenon of discrimination against the disabled.


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